Question 1.

(TCO 1) The name of the sample company or companies included in the Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010 software is/are:

Pavilion Garden Supply.

Bellwether Garden Supply and Stone Arbor Landscaping.

Berkeley Custom Pools & Spas.

Stone Arbor Landscaping.

Fabrikam, Inc. and Northwind Traders.

Question 2.

Question: (TCO 1) To display the size of your backup file, you can use the Windows program called:

Windows Explorer.

Scan disk.


Windows Accessories.

Windows Defender.

Question 3.

Question: (TCO 1) The Options menu has selections that allow the user to:

Check global settings and define an Internet connection.

Back up.

Print reports.

Enter journal entries.

Post to read more the general ledger.

Question 4.

Question: (TCO 2) In the computer accounting cycle, the following ACCT 251 report is not included:

adjusted trial balance.

unadjusted trial here balance.


financial statements.

statement of cash flow.

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